FabFitFun Review

I have been wanting to try FabFitFun for awhile now and finally decided to! I purchased the Summer Editor’s box and it came out to $29 with a $10 off coupon. The box is worth up to $300! I really liked this box, because I could choose three of the products that I wanted and the other products were a surprise. (You can leave it all a surprise, it’s up to you!) It took 7 days to receive, which was fine with me. The packaging was nice. I received my products in this unique, light blue/green box and I kept all of the products in there during a move; everything stayed in good shape! Overall, I’m impressed with the box. I received eight products that fit my lifestyle and I know i’ll use weekly.


Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case

How cute?! I love the design of this case. The size and organization of this case is perfect. I can fit all of my essentials in there with plenty of room left. I’ll definitely be using this while I travel!


FOREO Luna Fofo

This is a unique skincare product. It’s a facial brush that’s like an advanced beauty coach. There’s an app to download on your phone that helps you personalize your skincare needs based on pulsations from your face straight to your device. The app told me what I needed to add to my skincare routine and how much my skin is aged past my actual age. I also discovered that FOREO partnered with FabFitFun for the Summer Editor’s box to launch this product before their global launch, so subscribers got first dibs – so cool!


Mahi Sports Trigger Point Ball

I was so excited to receive this. I’ve been getting massages lately, because the amount of knots in my back is insane and it causes me a lot of pain. This is such a helpful tool to work those knots out. You can use this anywhere you have tight muscles.


8 Other Reasons Landon Lariat

Such a cute layered necklace! It’s simple and you can style this with just about any outfit.


Spongelle Papaya Yuzu Boxed Flower

Perfect for exfoliating and leaves the skin super soft!


AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

Is it just me or do you also love trying new lotions? I always have to have lotion on my hands. This lotion is lightweight, but not watery. It’s the perfect texture to improve your moisture level without making your skin feel greasy. This is my new daily hand cream!


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Looking for the perfect luminizing primer? Look no further. I’ve been using this product alone on days when I’m in a hurry and can’t do a full makeup routine. It gives me a natural glow (especially on my cheek bones) and also covers my pores well. This is something that I would definitely purchase again.


TULA Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Pads

I love these! They are reviving pads that help brighten and even out your skin tone. It’s almost like a mini facial. It exfoliates while adding papaya fruit extract to brighten the skin. Directions say to use twice weekly.